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University deadlines, especially the early ones, are right around the corner – usually November. And for most students, meeting the deadlines while balancing schoolwork is tough. And with applications more competitive than ever, students need to make themselves shine!


Our courses are tailored to do just that - in your test scores, internship and extracurricular profile, and your personal statement.  Last year, our clients were admitted to such school as Brown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Wellesley, Northeastern and more... 


Now its your turn!

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We identify each student’s goals, accomplishments and academics to help select colleges in the U.S. that make a good fit. We’ll guide you through your personal statement and supplemental essays, so that you can make a more compelling case to admissions committees.


Problems on the SAT or ACT are never straightforward. We will show you how to approach these tricky questions and apply your skills in combination to maximize your scores. We'll show you how to time your test-taking, how to intelligently guess, and how to solve problems.


Extracurricular experience provides the admission committee with evidence of your passion, leadership abilities and maturity.  We help you conceptualize, design and execute a successful project that highlights the student’s interest, organizational and leadership abilities.